About Us

About Us

Interstate Distributor was acquired by Heartland Express on July 6, 2017. Headquartered in North Liberty Iowa, Heartland Express strives to offer superior Service for Success. This is achieved by Employing the Best People, Maintaining a Modern Fleet, and focusing on our customers with the highest quality of service and safety in the industry. Daily Bottom Line thinking and keeping a long term mindset is the foundation on which Heartland Express is built to stay Financially Strong and Debt Free.

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We’ve Always Been Green

At Interstate, we are committed to being an environmentally friendly transportation company.  In the past three years we have made investments to upgrade our line haul tractor fleet with clean air engines. Our trailer fleet is on a planned upgrade process, which includes technologies such as automated tire inflation system and aerodynamic side skirts installed on all new trailers and specific trailers in our existing fleet. Not to mention 100% of our refrigerated fleet is compliant with California Air Resource Board (CARB) requirements.

In addition to meeting state and federal emissions requirements, we continue to test and invest in green initiatives by equipping our entire fleet with low rolling resistant fuel efficient tires. We partner with Eco-Lube and use recycled engine oil to service our fleet. We have also tested and set engine parameters to optimize fuel economy and reduce engine idle time.

At Interstate, we strive to be the most efficient and green fleet in the industry and seek to continually reduce our company’s carbon footprint by conducting ongoing evaluations in fuel economy.