Interstate was founded in 1933 by Robert “Bob” McLean.   Bob began with a partner and one truck that moved produce and lumber products regionally in the Northwest.  As opportunities opened up, Bob was able to grow his fleet of trucks and expand the range of his business into the Western States.  As soon as they were old enough, Bob’s four sons joined him in various roles in the business, eventually taking the company over from their father in the 1980’s.  During the Deregulation years, the company grew quickly and continued its expansion across the lower 48 States.

In May 2011, Interstate was acquired by Saltchuk, a privately owned family investment company based in the Pacific NW.  Saltchuk consists of diversified transportation and petroleum companies; the acquisition of Interstate gave Saltchuk their first “Trucking” company.

“Our future is extremely bright. We are well positioned to grow and expand our services, learning from the legacy of the past and with a clear vision of the future.

We will continue to create opportunities for our associates and ensure the close family atmosphere that has existed since day one. The best days at Interstate are in front of us.”  President and CEO, Marc Rogers