James “JD” Donaldson – Terminal Safety Manager

There is nothing like being treated as a family member from day one. I was hired as an over the road driver. Over the years, through trust, honesty, integrity and teamwork, we as a family have created the best trucking company to be a part of.

It is an honor to assist all of our family members throughout all hours of the day. I feel proud in that it could have been the chaining class provided that helped get our professional driving associates home safely to his or her loved ones.  Or, the HAZMAT call that gave us that ease, security and a safe feeling knowing that everything is going to be OK.

We have old and new drivers, as well as staff associates throughout Interstate that feel comfortable and welcome to talk to or meet with our CEO or any other management. We have formed relationships and comradery within our departments as well as outside of them. Everyday I witness employees and drivers intermingling at lunch, swapping trucking and personal stories, simply enjoying each others company.