Tony Sanfilippo – Driving Associate

Why choose Interstate?


We like how Interstate specs out their trucks. At most large carriers you get into a truck and it feels more like a waiting room in a doctor’s office than you’re home away from home. Having a large power inverter and a refrigerator is great and saves us a lot of money on food while on the road. Another great feature in the truck is the in-cab scanner for paperwork and logs. It is so nice not having to stand in line at a truck stop just to scan trips.


In 20 + years in the industry I have yet to work for a company with nicer terminals than Interstate. The three main terminals of Tacoma, Fontana and Lebanon are the nicest I’ve seen. All the terminals have private showers and washers/dryers for laundry and some terminals even provide you with the detergent! We really like eating at the grill at the Tacoma yard. No matter which terminal you choose to rest at you can count on finding parking, friendly terminal staff and a comfy lounge.


Over the years, especially with CSA in full effect, our safety record has become very important to us. We love the fact that we’re never asked to do something that would hurt that record. If something is wrong with a truck or trailer we don’t have to fight to get it fixed… it just gets done. If we can’t do a load because of hours we’re not forced to. I also like the Safety Footwear Program wherein we get reimbursed a portion of the purchase price.

Non-Driving Associates

All of our non-driving associates are simply wonderful. We always get answers to our questions and if one person can’t answer it they know who can and point you that way. One time we were in a jam on load and needed some quick information. Our regular DM was out of the office. I called our old DM Denise. Even though we weren’t on her board anymore she took over 15 minutes to pour through the green book to find us the answer we needed. That is just one example of the level everyone in this company goes to in order to assist a driver.

Home Time

Let’s be honest. It’s all about the home time. What good is the best company in the world if you can’t get home to enjoy some down-time. My wife and I have not missed a single home time date. Another thing we like is that our day in and day out doesn’t count against our home time and we always get the full amount of time off we have coming. If we need an extra day or two off our DM is fair and reasonable.

Fearless Leader(s)

The open door policy here is outstanding. We can go pester any office worker we want to (even the CEO) and not get chased off. The executives have no problem engaging a driver and they really listen to our concerns.