Lease Purchase Program

Interstate’s Lease Purchase Program

Interstate Distributor’s Lease Purchase Program is designed to accommodate professional drivers who are interested in becoming an owner operator. It is a program open to current Interstate associates and other professional drivers. It is our goal to provide a helping hand to find the right finance partner, the right truck, at the right payment and with the knowledge to be a successful small-business owner.

Lease Purchase Program Owner Operator Story

Bronston Ogle started with Interstate as a company driver, and then became an owner operator through our lease purchase program. Here’s his story:

Why our Lease Purchase Program is Different

We are here to ensure you are able to work around common mistakes that cause owner operators to go into bankruptcy or walk away from their truck lease. We also believe it is important for you to have an opportunity to earn the title to your truck and not just make endless payments.

Key Program Components

  • We do not profit from the lease or sale of equipment to owners.
  • You have a choice of approved vendors for trucks and financing options. We work with vendors that will help you build equity in your truck and allow you to buy your truck at the end of the first lease.
  • You are not bound by Interstate to a multi-year contract. Our excellent program and supportive team will make you want to stay with us.

Interstate will help by:

  • Educating you as a driver on what it takes to be a successful small business owner.
  • Introducing you to a preferred leasing company. Our approved vendors are:
  • Offering discounted business services, accounting and tax preparation support.

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