Interstate: Top 50 Green Fleets

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Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT) recently recognized the industries Top 50 Green Fleets.  In 2013, Interstate took great strides in improving our green strategies.  We explored various initiatives from testing natural gas (CNG/LNG) tractors to ramping up for a new Recycling Program.  We are honored to see our fleet on this very important list.  Here is what HDT had to say about us:

“Since 2011, the company has been updating its tractor fleet, aiming for an average fleet age of 2.5 years. By early 2014 the entire linehaul fleet will consist of 2010 and newer engines. Forty-five percent of the line haul trailer fleet is equipped with aerodynamic belly skirts, providing a 3% improvement in fuel economy. This year Interstate bought more than 300 dry vans with tire inflation systems and trailers skirts to improve fuel economy, and it’s updating its refrigerated trailers with new-technology refrigeration units. Used oil is recycled, and upgrading truck mattresses means fewer thrown away. Initiatives have reduced the use of paper, aerosol cans, brake cleaner and penetrating oil.”

Check out the entire list of green fleets here.

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