National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

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Interstate hosted 21 children at two of our locations, Tacoma and Lebanon on National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. In Lebanon, job shadowing opportunities were provided for two staff members’ children.

In Tacoma, it was a packed day that started out with a tour led by Paul Simmons and colorfully commentated by James Reed. Next up, the Safety Team dazzled with truck JHAs and gave each child a truck ride. Special feature this year was a Recognition Ceremony and Picnic in Drew Miller’s honor which all the kids at the end of the survey gave 5 out of 5 and some even scored it at a 6. Rounding the day out was Culture Training and a LEAN exercise with dried spaghetti noodles, string and a marshmallow.


As part of the day, we had the children in Tacoma answer some “resume” questions. Here is a sample:

What do you want to be when you grow up?

  • I want to be a K9 unit police officer. I will patrol the streets with my trusty canine sidekick.
  • A game creator. A typical day on the job would be me creating a new character to put in the game or working on new sprites and working on the story line and branching paths.
  • Civil or mechanical engineer. A typical day on the job would include a lot of team work and effort to create or fix whatever the creation may be.
  • Computer animator/sound effects (digitally) or make computer games. I would go to the company, sign in, go to my office, log onto my computer, and start brainstorming ideas for a game then code and animate said game. It might take a few days/weeks though.

Have you ever tried to do something you knew you would not do great at? What was it, and what happened?

  • I tried to bake cupcakes. I had no idea how they would turn out. But they were delicious.
  • I tried to play the Saxophone.
  • I did not make the team but I was better than I thought even though it was not my thing.
  • Doing a DJ job. I tried on a tablet and I broke the tablet.
  • Begging my mom to buy me an Xbox One (joking). I tried band, playing saxophone. I quit the next year.
  • Changed the oil in my mom’s car and it went well.
  • Working at a Mexican restaurant without knowing Spanish (I got a translator).

What have you done that you are most proud of?

  • Getting an A in math. I’m proud because I’m pretty bad at math.
  • Running the 60m dash at JBLM. #JointBaseLewisMcChord
  • Got into running start.
  • Once I auditioned for a pageant and won 10th in my division.
  • I made a duct tape purse.

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