Driver Appreciation Week 2015

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driver-advisory-boardDriver appreciation week is September 13-19. We take time to celebrate the 3.4 million professional truck drivers for their hard work to deliver the great majority of the goods Americans use every day.

For us at Interstate, we recognize our drivers for their dedication to our vision of “Building the Best Trucking Company in America.” Our promise to “Build Trust with Every Interaction” echoes through the actions of our drivers and how they conduct themselves on the road.

Here at Interstate, we’re hosting lunch at our terminals today and Tuesday, with a pancake breakfast on Wednesday morning. It’s just a token of our appreciation of our drivers and what they do not only for Interstate but for their role in assuring all Americans have access to food and the other items we use on a daily basis.

“There are over 3.4 million professional truck drivers delivering our everyday needs nationwide. These professional men and women log more than 169 billion miles each year. In 2013, trucking professionals delivered 68.8% of the U.S. freight tonnage, equivalent to 9.96 billion tons of freight.” (American Trucking Association)



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