Safe Following Distance

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Safe Following Distance

Safe-Following-DistanceMaintaining a safe following distance is key to driving defensively and holding to our top company value of “safety first.” Professional drivers know that due to size and weight, commercial vehicles take longer to stop, and they need to maintain a greater following distance than a regular car. Failure to have a safe following distance can cause you to lose control in a driving situation or make it so you are unable to avoid the motorist ahead of you.

Professional truck drivers, whether in heavy congestion or at open highway speeds, have to be on guard and protective of their following distance in order to be able to respond to any number of hazards or quick environmental changes.

Safe Following Distance Recommendations

Under normal driving conditions our drivers should keep at least a 6 second cushion between them and the vehicle in front of them, although sometimes 6 seconds is simply not enough. Adverse road or weather conditions may require an even larger following distance, in these conditions you may need to increase your following distance by 2 or more seconds. For instance night driving, fog and wet or slick road surface will all require larger following distance.

Maintaining Safe Following Distance in Traffic

When driving in congestion or heavy traffic, we recommend driving 1-2 mph slower than the traffic around you. This will enable you to maintain a good following distance, even as other vehicles pull in front of you, you will lose almost zero time. A 2mph reduction in speed for 2 hours of congested traffic will cost you less than 4 minutes of travel time. You’ll also find that you will be more relaxed as you go down the road saving yourself some stress.

Rear-end crashes are among the most dangerous and can easily result in serious bodily injury and even death. These accidents can only be prevented by maintaining a safe following distance. Even a “minor” rear-end collision can cause serious injury, cost thousands of dollars, put your CDL in jeopardy, and cause emotional distress.

It may sound dramatic, but a safe following distance can literally make the difference between life and death. You must do everything you can to maintain a safe following distance at all times. You’ll also be more relaxed as you go down the road, saving yourself some stress

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