Preserving Your Truck’s Space

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Preserving your truck’s space is more difficult than ever. From distracted driving and general rushing around to aggressive drivers, these unsafe driving habits combined with increasing congestion make it even more important to preserve your truck’s space.

As professional drivers it is important to understand how to create space and leave yourself an out. When you have to react to avoid a hazard, more space is always better to avoid an incident.

Here are some important tips to remember when preserving your truck’s space:

Never travel in clusters

When you travel in a cluster you have no out and other people’s actions could become your problem. Let the group go. In reality they are only increasing the odds for being involved in an accident.

 Space management is the key to leaving yourself an out.

Always maintain at least 6 seconds of following distance or more to help create an out. Check out our post on following distance for more about that.

Slow down, relax and create space

Creating space is crucial to avoid accidents. If you feel that you are stressed and do not have enough space, you can always find a safe place to pull over and wait. Being in a situation where you have no space can be stressful and lead to making poor decisions.

Be Aware of the “No Zone”

The no zone is a place where vehicles are lost in our mirrors or vision. If you are not aware of the no zones in your tractor, creating space can be impossible. Scanning at least one mirror every 5 to 8 seconds is recommended to help improve visibility and see vehicles before they enter a no zone.


Posted by intd on March 22, 2016 |