Road Rage – 10 Tips to avoid

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Today’s Safety Message:

“Road Rage” has become a reality that all motorists must deal with in today’s driving environment. “Road rage” has been defined as the violent act that results when anger becomes rage. Incidents of this type of highway violence are continuing to increase in number and frequency in almost epidemic proportions. Common examples of road rage include weaving in and out of traffic, excessive horn honking, running red lights, blocking intersections, speeding, tailgating, passing on the right, headlight flashing, making obscene gestures, screaming, cursing, gun waving and actual physical assaults against other vehicles and drivers. There are many causes for driver aggression and road rage. In some cases, incidents are caused by simple misunderstandings between drivers. A driver may make an innocent momentary error in judgement, but the perception of another driver is that he is driving aggressively. Truck drivers may be at a greater risk of becoming a target of another motorist’s road rage. Many individuals frequently do not understand the unique handling characteristics of a truck and, therefore, may become agitated by its presence. Other drivers may be angered by a truck’s size simply because they can’t see around it.

Driver Tips on how to avoid Road rage:
    1. Before starting your trip. Make sure that you know how to get to your destination, and have an alternate route planned or at least have an atlas in your vehicle. Know the roads that are under construction. Being lost and indecisive in your driving can frustrate others around you.
    2. Adjust seat and mirror for maximum vision
    3. If you are being harassed by another driver, do not react Aggressively! Never take the other drivers actions personally.
    4. Avoid eye contact with an angry driver
    5. Don’t accelerate, brake, or swerve suddenly since this may be perceived as confrontational
    6. Be polite and courteous even when others are not.
    7. Ask yourself, could the other driver have simply made an innocent driving mistake?
    8. Lock your vehicle doors and keep your window only partly open. If someone tries to get into your vehicle attract attention by sounding your horn.
    9. When stopped in traffic, leave enough space to pull out from behind the vehicle in front of you.
    10. Reduce your own stress by allowing enough time to reach destinations.

Never underestimate the others drivers capacity for mayhem

Remember you cannot control the drivers around you, but you can control the way they affect your well being. Be calm and drive safely!

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