Safe Work Habits for Truck Drivers

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Safe Work Habits for Truck Drivers

safe work habitsSafe work habits will protect your most valuable asset: your body. The way you perform the other functions of your job are just as important as the way you drive the truck. Having an injury can put you out of work for days, weeks, or even permanently.

How would being out of work affect your finances and your ability to support your family? Severe injuries can lead to permanent disability and a life of pain. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy your years of retirement than spend your time in pain and in doctor’s offices?

Accidents can happen at any time, so it is important that you always use proper techniques to perform the essential functions of the job. While the tips below may seem elementary, if you develop a habit of following them you will be much more likely to reach retirement without an injury.

Use 3-Points of Contact

Always use 3-points of contact getting into and out of the truck and trailer. Whether entering or exiting, place your drink, paperwork, bag, or whatever else you are carrying on the seat of the truck so your hands are free to hold on to the hand-holds. When exiting, always face the vehicle. Chances are that at some point you will slip while getting into or out of the truck or trailer. If you have three points of contact you’ll be much less likely to have a serious injury than if you don’t have a good hand hold.

Landing Gear Steadiness

Remember to use a firm grip on the landing gear handle, and never spin it. Because of its weight, spinning the handle can cause serious injuries. Have your feet approximately shoulder width apart for good balance, and brace yourself against the trailer with your free hand if needed. If the landing gear is bound up for some reason, don’t be afraid to call for help.

Releasing Fifth Wheel & Trailer Axles

Be sure to use proper body position when releasing the fifth wheel or the trailer axles. Keep your back straight and use your free hand to brace against the trailer. Use steady pressure and never yank on the handle.

Watch Your Surroundings Carefully

Finally, always be aware of your surroundings. Are you adjusting a load near the rear of the trailer where falling is a danger? Are there pot holes or other debris in the yard you’re crossing that could be a trip hazard? Is there ice and snow on the ground? Are there other vehicles in the area that are a hazard? Simply being aware of the dangers around you can help avoid an injury.

We recognize that being a truck driver is a tough job, and we’re grateful for work that you do. We want you to be able to work as long as you want, and then to enjoy your retirement years. Please take the time necessary to safely perform the essential functions of your job so that you can make it home to those that are waiting for you in the same condition that you left them.

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