Springtime Storms & Truck Drivers

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Springtime-StormsWith winter winding down, drivers must still be on guard for severe springtime storms. Spring weather can be very unpredictable and can change quickly. From sunny to stormy, light rain to downpours, high winds and even tornadoes, drivers must always be prepared for any type of weather.

Lower Visibility

Rain and wet roads with passing storms make driving more difficult with lower visibility and possible debris in the roadway due to high winds. If your visibility reduced so that you’re finding it difficult to see, find a safe place to park with your four-way flashers on.

Difficult Traction

It’s imperative to watch your speed on wet, slick roads. When roads are wet, always drive safely, slower than the flow of traffic, and allow more following distance to be able to react in time to other drivers.

Headlights & Wipers

Most states require that lights are on when wipers are on. This makes it easier for you to be seen and for you to see other vehicles. Be aware of drivers in your immediate area as poor visibility and high winds can make it harder for drivers to maintain control of their trucks, SUV’s and cars towing trailers.

Lightning Storms

When in electrical storms you should always remain with your vehicle as it will provide insulation (tires) and better protection against lightning strikes than being out in the open, under trees or shed type enclosures. If you’re in your vehicle, be sure to stay clear of metal objects and electronic equipment if lightning strikes are close by.

High Winds & Tornado Risks

With springtime storms comes the increased risks of tornadoes. Always try and find a safe enclosure such as a truck stop or rest area that provides cover from flying objects. If you’re traveling into an area where tornadoes are likely check the weather channel on your CB, Phone or TV for any recent reports. Remember also to watch for high wind warnings. Especially if your trailer is empty or if you’re hauling a light load, the exposure and risk of being blown around by the wind increases radically.

Remember, that springtime storms are unpredictable, and you should be prepared for any weather that might come along. You might still find snow in the spring depending on where you are, but rain and wind can be just as hazardous. Drive carefully, and stay safe!

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